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Audit Totals (audited/reviewed CDP Surveys)
Assets, Liabilities, and Net Assets 
Balance Sheet Narrative

Balance Sheet Audit Totals (audited/reviewed CDP Surveys)

Support Center Tips: 

  • Triple check your audit totals
  • These totals drive the error check on the data entered in this section.

Customization: This section appears if you have answered Yes to "Audit for FY" in survey settings

Required Fields: This section is required if you are Audited or Reviewed


Assets, Liabilities, and Net Assets

Support Center Tips: 

  • Current Assets Not Included Above examples: Prepaid Expenses
  • If you have an interfund entry or a "due to/(due from)" entry in your balance sheet or Statement of Financial Position, those entries will go in Non-Current Assets Not Included Above & Long-Term/Non-Current Liabilities Not Included Above


  • If you select expenses less than $50k in survey settings, you will not see a balance sheet
  • The restricted column is controlled by survey settings
  • If you are Unaudited, you will see an aggregated (no restricted column)
  • The balance sheet is optional for unaudited organizations

Required Fields: 

  • Fixed Assets - (Net of Accumulated Depreciation): If you enter data, you must complete the Fixed Assets - Details breakout question
  • Gross Fixed Assets: If you entered data in Fixed Assets - Net, you must complete this as well
  • Accumulated Depreciation: If you entered data in Fixed Assets - Net, you must complete this as well
  • Line of Credit - Limit: This is required, but you can enter zero. Do not include credit card limits.

Breakout Questions

  • Fixed Asset - Detail
    • Accumulated Depreciation is always entered as a negative number
    • If you entered data in the Fixed Assets (Net of Accumulated Depreciation) line, you must complete this section.
    • This breakout is not included in your total net assets at the bottom of the section


Balance Sheet Narrative

Support Center Tips

  • These are brief narrative fields that appear at the end of the Revenue, Expenses, Balance Sheet,  and Program Activity & Audiences sections
  • We want to clarify that each narrative section is optional, but if you do add information to them, the narrative will appear in your report to all funders
  • They will appear for each year in funder reports
  • They have a text limit of 500 characters
  • The narrative fields are really intended as annotations and explanations of the data in your report
  • They are not intended to replace any additional narrative portions of your grant
  • We encourage uses to stay focused on explanations of the data in these fields
  • Customization: This section is on all CDP surveys and will appear on any funder report that is run with this CDP survey included.

Required Fields: None. This section is optional.





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