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How do I change the questions in my survey (Cultural Data Profile)?

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Each survey (also called a Cultural Data Profile) is customized based on your organization's size and financial complexity, among other factors. If you believe the questions appearing in a survey are incorrect, you can adjust the customization of the survey both from the Dashboard when you initially log on, and within the survey itself.

From the dashboard, once you have logged into your account, select "Surveys" underneath the black toolbar. Within the Surveys tab you can view all of the Cultural Data Profiles that your organization has created.

On the right hand side of each Cultural Data Profile, there is a drop down "Actions" menu. Select "Review Survey Settings".

Select the orange button on the top right "Rerun Survey Wizard". Your previously selected answers will appear as a summary, and you can edit them by selecting the orange pencil icon at each sub-header. Be sure to select the green "Save" text that will appear next to each sub-header once you have made edits to a section, before you move on.

After you complete and save your edits, select the "Continue to Survey" button at the bottom of the screen. The Survey Wizard will re-run and hide or display the sections you changed. You will then be able to "Continue" to edit the survey.

Please note that changes you make in the Survey Wizard will either hide or display new questions that may require you to add more details. If you have entered data into a question and then removed the question by changing your answers in the Survey Wizard, the hidden data will not be included in any reports.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to call the Support Center at 1-877-707-Data (3282) or email



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