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How do I create a survey (Cultural Data Profile)?

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Is it time to create a Cultural Data Profile Survey? Has your fiscal year ended and have your received your finalized financial documents (audit, review, 990, etc.)?

Follow these steps to create a Cultural Data Profile Survey:
  • Log in to your account ( At the top left you will see your 3 most recently edited Cultural Data Profile Surveys
  • Select "View all your surveys" or select "Surveys" just below the black bar that goes across your screen 
  • A full listing of all your organization's Cultural Data Profile Surveys will appear; check to make sure a Survey with the fiscal year you would like to create does not already exist
  • Select the orange "New survey" box on the top right.
  • You will arrive at a Survey Customization screen that will walk you through a few questions specific to the fiscal year you are reporting on. 
  • Answer the questions and follow the prompts until you get to a summary page.
Please note, you will not be able to save the Survey Customization questions, so you must answer them to the best of your ability. Don't worry if you answer questions incorrectly, you will be able to edit them after you complete the Survey Customization.  

Once on the Summary page you will see the answers to the questions and a way to edit them if needed.  The Summary page also has an orange "Continue to Survey" button that will complete the Survey Customization and take you to the full Cultural Data Profile Survey.

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