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How do I edit (or revise) a survey (Cultural Data Profile)?

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In the DataArts Platform arts and culture organization admins and users revise their own completed Cultural Data Profiles (CDP) or Surveys.

PLEASE NOTE, when editing or unsubmitting a CDP Survey that was previously completed on our old system you will be required to run the Survey Wizard and answer new questions that did not appear in the old Data Profile. This may add a considerable amount of effort and work, and effect the data displayed within your profile. You may want to download the instructions for editing migrated profiles before you proceed. 

To revise a completed CDP Survey you can follow these steps:
  • Once you have logged into your account, the three most recently worked on Cultural Data Profiles (CDP's) will show up in the first section of your dashboard. If you would like to edit one of these surveys, and it is already in progress, you can click directly on the "Edit" link to the right.
  • Otherwise, if you would like to edit a CDP which has already been completed, or which does not appear on this list, select the link that says "View all your surveys", or find the "Surveys" tab below the top navigation bar. This will take to you a complete list of Cultural Data Profiles.
  • Next to each CDP will be a drop-down Action menu. Select the "Revise" option from the drop-down menu.
  • Select "Revise" again, and you will be taken to one of these two locations:
  1. The first section of your CDP Survey, or
  2. The Survey Wizard
  • If taken to the first section (either Financial Totals or Revenue, depending on your Survey Settings), you may begin making edits. 
  • If taken to the Survey Wizard follow the prompts to questions about your related fiscal year and complete the wizard. If you do not need to change the questions which appear in your CDP, select "Next" on each screen without making any changes. 
  • You will be taken to a summary screen where you can confirm that everything is listed correctly. Click "Continue to Survey".
  • The Survey Customization will re-run and update your survey to reflect any changes you entered. Please note that changes will either hide questions (including any data that you have already entered in them) or display new questions that may require you to add more details.
  • Once you complete the Survey Customization, a pop-up will give you the option to "Continue" and start editing your survey.

If you are editing a survey that was migrated over from our previous platform, you may want to download the instructions for editing migrated profiles. 



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