How do I join an organization?

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Within the DataArts platform, you can be joined to more than one organization account. 

In order to join an organization, please log in and follow the directions below: 

--Click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the page.  

--Next, select “Join an Organization” from the drop-down list.

--Search for your organization by name and state.

--When your organization appears select “Join.”

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--If the organization does not appear you can select “Create a new organization.”

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If you are joining an already existing organization, your organization administrator or a Support Center staff member can approve your join request. Join requests expire if they are not approved within 30 days. After you have been added to your organization, you will then be able to create, view, and edit your surveys, and run reports.

All organizations with existing accounts were moved onto the new platform, so if you know there should be an organizational account but are having trouble finding it, please contact the Support Center at 877-707-3282.



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