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How do I know if I have a parent organization? What is an entity under a parent?

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An entity under a parent, rather than being a separate nonprofit organization with or without 501(c)(3) status, is a part of a larger organization. This larger organization, called a parent organization, ultimately controls the management, operations, and finances of your project, program, or department. Some examples of entities under parent organizations are a dance department within a university or an arts program in a nursing home. 

If your organization is a cultural entity under a non-arts parent, you should fill out the Cultural Data Profile (CDP) for the arts or cultural entity, rather than for the entire organization.

When you create a new SMU DataArts organization account you will answer several questions to set up your account before data entry. You can indicate that you have a parent organization during this step. This will tailor the CDP to your organization, department, or entity, and prompt you to enter the name of your parent organization, and ask about the nature of your parent organization. If your parent organization is 100% culturally focused, consider filling out a CDP for your entire parent organization, rather for only the smaller entity under a parent.

If you have a parent organization, but apply for funding through another nonprofit, you should still fill out your CDP as an entity under a parent. If another organization applies for funding on your behalf, they would be considered a related organization. Any grants or contributions that you receive through this organization should be reported based on the source of the funds in Revenue. If the operations of this related organization are a part of your project, program, or department, you may include their financial and non-financial information in your CDP. Any monetary or in-kind support from your parent organization should be reported on the Parent Organization Support line in the Revenue section of the CDP.

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