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How do I track the salaries or wages for my employees if we are an entity under a parent?

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If any staff for your entity received a W-2 and they were paid by your parent organization, their salary and benefits must be included in Expenses in the Cultural Data Profile (CDP).  This amount should also be included in Revenue on the Parent Organization Support question.
If any staff members were full-time employees of your parent organization, but only worked part-time for your program, determine the percentage of time they spent on your specific project, program, or department, and enter that percentage of their salary, payroll taxes, and benefits in the Expenses section.  This amount should also be included in the Revenue section on the Parent Organization Support line.
If your parent organization only covered a portion of salary costs and your entity earned or raised money for the remainder through earned revenue and contributions, enter only the amount that was covered by your parent organization on the Parent Organization Support line in the Revenue section.  All other revenue can be entered in the appropriate lines in the Earned Revenue and Contributed Revenue sections.
All staff who received a W-2 should be listed as either full-time employees or part-time employees based on the amount of time they spent working on your specific program.  If one of these individuals worked part-time for your program and spent the rest of their time working for the larger parent organization, they should be tracked as a part-time employee.



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