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What is DataArts and the Cultural Data Profile (CDP) or Survey?

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DataArts is a web-based data collection and business intelligence platform, which is the result of field-wide collaboration among cultural nonprofits, public and private grantmakers, researchers, and advocates. 

Our primary function is bridging information between arts and culture organizations and grantmakers. We do this by providing a standardized data entry form that collects information across all types of organizations.  From the compiled information entered by arts and culture organizations, grantmakers can pick and choose what information they would like to see in their grant applications and format their own report without any additional work by arts and culture organizations.

DataArts’ flagship service is the Cultural Data Profile (CDP) or Survey, a standardized online form completed annually by approximately 10,000 cultural organizations as a common component of grant applications to hundreds of participating grant programs nationwide. With more than 40,000 data profiles submitted in the last decade, DataArts is the gold standard source for reliable, longitudinal data that tells a richly detailed story of the assets and finances, and activities of America’s cultural nonprofits.

Most arts and culture organizations who create an account with DataArts do so because they are applying to a grantmaker that has made the CDP a requirement of their grant application guidelines. Feel free to view the list of participating grantmakers here:

As a participant in DataArts, organizations gain access to reporting tools that help paint a clear picture of both your organization and sector. Want to see how your fundraising is stacking up or report on your organization’s financial health? There's a report for that. You can also monitor trends over time, compare your organization to others like it, and identify ways to improve your results.



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