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What is the difference between in-kind revenue and parent organization support, and how do I track it in the Data Profile?

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In the Cultural Data Profile (CDP), you are asked to enter both parent organization support and in-kind contributions in Revenue. Any contribution from your parent organization should be included in the Parent Organization Support question, regardless of whether it was a monetary contribution or in-kind support.  This amount should include any expenses your parent organization covered on your behalf, including salaries, overhead, and direct support for programming.
Any expenses that were paid for by your parent organization, as well as in-kind contributions from the parent, should have a corresponding expense item in Expenses. 
If your parent organization paid for all of your expenses, and you did not receive any additional earned or contributed revenue, the entire amount that was covered by your parent organization should be entered in the Parent Organization Support question in Revenue.  This figure should match your total expenses. 
If you did not track the value of space provided for you by your parent organization, you do not need to include it in Parent Organization Support in Revenue.  Even if you did not track the value of the space, you should record its square footage under Workspace Status in the Workforce & Workspace Section.

Your parent organization should not be counted as a contributor under Revenue.
In-kind contributions you received from anyone other than your parent organization, whether from individuals or another entity, should be entered as Operating In-kind Contributions in Revenue.  This amount should also be reflected as an expense item in Expenses.

For more information on what qualifies as an in-kind contribution and how to enter them into the Data Profile, please see:
What are in-kind contributions, and how do I record them in the Data Profile?



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