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When should I enter my data?

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If you are filling out the Cultural Data Profile (CDP) as part of a grant application, be sure to refer to your grantmaker’s guidelines for the submission deadline. DataArts does not have any specific deadlines for completing the CDP.

The CDP survey collects financial and programmatic information for a single fiscal year. This should be based on your legal fiscal year, which can be found on your IRS Form 990. If your organization receives an audit or a review, it will also be found on this document.

If your organization receives an audit or review, you must wait until it is in the final format before you fill out the CDP. If your annual audit or review is not complete, or is in draft format, and you have to fill out a CDP as part a grant application, fill out a CDP for the previous fiscal year based on that year's audit or review.

Unaudited organizations also have to wait until financial statements are finalized at the end of the fiscal year before completing the CDP.

If you are an arts program or department under a non-arts parent, use your parent organization’s fiscal year for your CDP.

For more information about filling out the Cultural Data Profile with a parent organization, please see:
How do I know if I have a parent organization? What is an entity under parent?



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